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15TPD Corn Grit and Corn Flour Plant

Corn Grit and Corn Flour Plant

Brief Introduction

Corn grit and corn flour plant can make corn grit and corn flour. this corn grit and corn flour is full automatic

Corn & Maize Product:



Corn & Maize Flour Plant Equipment List

  1. Cleaning Machine
    To remove the impurities, stone, etc. To make the raw material meet the food grade standard requirement.
  2. Elevator
    Mechanical lifting particle materials to the next processing program
  3. Magnetic Selector
    to remove the iron by magnetic force
  4. Corn skin remover
    To remove corn skin and blastema
  5. Degerming machine
    To remove the germ from corn
  6. Polishing Machine
    Polish to corn grits
  7. Low pressure fan
    Remove dust and separate light and heave materials
  8. High pressure fan
    Offer air to convey materials
  9. Grinder
    Grinding materials to get product
  10. Brushing machine
    remove the powder from corn grits, to make the corn grits more bright and good color
  11. Corn grits machine
    to make the final required product
  12. Grading machine
    to grade and air select materials
  13. AIR LOCK
    close air to unload during conveying materials
  14. Spare parts
    Pipe, steel support, conveyors, fan net etc.

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We can provide customized product for customer, if there is any requirement for our product, please don't hesitate to contact with us.

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