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Automatic Onion Ends Cutter


onion ends cutting machine(onion root cutting machine) is special design onion processing equipment

Feature of Onion Tail roots cutting machine, onion roots cutter:


  1. This machine is peeling onion, with cutting onion heads and roots.high yield,, no damage
  2. This machine is swordless peeling. no damage, to onion surface, look perfect. And other domestic manufacturers adopt blade peeling design.And the broken onion will be It will damage the onion surface because the blade will cut different depths on the onion.And the broken part will get bacterial infections, and so the broken onion can’t be stored longer.
  3. This machine is high output,1T/h.
  4. The no wearing parts design is perfect.The material of conveyor chain,skeleton, material is 304 stainless steel.

Working Video


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