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Carbon Steel Made Chili Stem Cutting Machine


Chili stem cutting machine is a professional chili processing machine for remove stem of chili. Chili Stem Cutting Machine is a patent product to cut pepper’s stem. Generally, Chili stem cutting machine solve the problem of mannually chili stem cutting process of  chili processing factroy. Chili Stem Cutting Machine help factory solved above problem with high efficiency and low power consumption. What’s more, Romiter Chili Stem Cutting Machine can be used to almost all kinds of chili, like mexico chili, chinese chili, india chili and siri lanka chili. Chili Stem Cutting Machine is an ideal machine for chili processing factory to cut fresh chili stem or dry chili stem.

Chili Stem Cutting Result




Our Chili Stem Cutting Machine Can Not Remove Head, Only Stem


This is cutted by handle, it remove stem and head. our machine can not do this, do not misunderstand.


Model Material Dry Chili Fresh Chili Power RPM Weight Dimension
kg/h kg/h KW r/min (KG) (m)
RM50-60 carton steel 60 100 1.5 1400 95KG 2.7*0.83*0.59
RM50-120 carbon steel 120 250 1.5 1400 238KG 2.81*1.3*0.59
RM50-120S Stainless Steel 120 250 1.5 1400 238KG 2.81*1.3*0.59
RM50-180 carbon steel 180 330 1.5 1400 357KG 3.81*1.3*0.59
RM50-180S Stainless Steel 180 330 1.5 1400 357KG 3.81*1.3*0.59
RM50-240 carbon steel 240 500 1.5 1400 470KG 2.81*1.1*1.5
RM50-240S Stainless Steel 240 500 1.5 1400 470KG 2.81*1.1*1.5


Working Video of Chili Stem Cutting Machine

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Romiter Group is professional food processing machine supplier from China. Romiter Group is committed to food grindering and milling machine. Romiter can provide various chili processing machine for customer, include chili powder grinder, chilies powder production line, chili stem cutting machine, chili drying machine, chili dry washing machine, chili crusher, chili metal remove machine, chili seeds remove machine, chili stone remove machine and so on.

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