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Chili peppers have been a part of the human diet in the Americas since at least 7500 BC. There is archaeological evidence at sites located in southwestern Ecuador that chili peppers were domesticated more than 6000 years ago, chili peppers is one of the first cultivated crops in the Americas that is self-pollinating.

Chilly peppers were originally discovered by Columbus, in Americas. Today, India has emerged as a major producer, consumer and exporter of this spicy commodity. Dry chilly is extensively used as an ingredient in curry powder, Masala, Seasonings and pizza toppings.

Chili/pepper powder is a generic name for any powdered spice mix composed chiefly of chili peppers, most commonly either red peppers or cayenne peppers, which are both of the species Capsicum annuum.
Pepper/chili powder can be made from virtually any hot pepper including ancho, Cayenne, Jalapeño, New Mexico, and pasilla chilies. Paprika and Capsicum can be made into chili/pepper sauce/jam. Paprika and Capsicum can also be made into chili red pigment. Spice processing machine can extracted chili/pepper pigment.
Chili/pepper can be divided into dry chili/pepper and fresh chili/pepper. Spice processing machines that can process those two kinds’ chilies into powder, chili/pepper sliver, etc


Romiter Group is  professional supplier of spice processing machines. Chili/pepper processing machines are the most popular machineries among our customers.

Romiter Group can provide to customers complete line of chili/pepper products processing machineries that includes chili/pepper drying, milling/grinding, homogenizing, filling and packaging machineries.
Chili/pepper processing machineries includes chili/pepper stem cutting machine, chili/pepper shredding machine, or chili/pepper shredder, chili/pepper cutting machine, chili/pepper powder making machine, also called chili/pepper milling machine, chili/pepper grinding machine, chili/pepper mill, chili/pepper crushing machine, chili/pepper seed separator, chili/pepper stone remover, chili/pepper stone removing
machine, chili/pepper screening machine, chili/pepper seed coat separator, chili/pepper drying machine, also named as chili/pepper drier machine, chili/pepper dry/wet cleaning machine, chili/pepper screening machine, and chili/pepper powder packaging machine.


Chili/pepper stem cutting machine, also named as chili/pepper stem removing machine. Chili/pepper stem cutting machine can remove the red chili’s stem. Chili/pepper machine is a special machine to remove
red chili’s stem. Chili/pepper Stem Cutting Machine is a patent chili cutting machine to cut pepper's stem. Usually, chili /pepper processing factory needs cut chili stem manually. Chili/pepper is hot spice with pungent smell, so it is a hard job to remove chili/pepper stem. Chili/pepper Stem Cutting Machine resolved above problem with high efficiency and low power consumption. Also Chili/pepper Stem Cutting Machine can be used to cut Chinese anise stem and string bean stem. Chili/pepper Stem Cutting Machine is an ideal machine for chili/pepper processing factory to cut fresh chili stem or dry chili stem.


Chili/pepper shredding machine, based on the theory of manual cutting vegetables, this machine adopts speed shifting mechanism multifunction cutting machine. Chili/pepper shredding machine is applied to all kinds of material, like fresh/wet/dry chili/pepper, beef steak. Chili/pepper shredding machine shred and dissects the chili/pepper materials.


Chili/pepper milling machine, also called as chili/pepper grinding machine, chili/pepper mill. Chili/pepper milling machine can mill chili/pepper/paprika/capsicum into chili/pepper powder.

Chili/pepper red pigment is extracted from chili/peppers. Chili/pepper pigment extracted machine adopts subcritical cryogenic extraction (normal butane) capsicum red pigment technology, summarizing built production experience of capsicum red pigment extraction projects, invented the latest subcritical cryogenic capsicum red pigment extraction technology and equipment. This technology equipment have the following advantages:

  1. The pigment rate is high, it can reach to 98%.
  2. The pigment slag residual is extremely low, can reach to 0.1% below.
  3. Capsicum red pigment and other indicators have big improvement.

Advanced Chili/Pepper Technology

Our spice processing machines adopts the latest technology, superb quality and the best competitive price for you. Capsicum red pigment production process and quality indexes are perfect, we are
willing to use the best technology, the most advance equipment, and the superb enterprise service for you.


Company Profile

Romiter Group is professional food processing machine supplier from China. Romiter Group is committed to food grindering and milling machine. Romiter can provide various chili processing machine for customer, include chilies powder grinding machine, chili stem cutting machine, chili drying machine, chili dry washing machine, chili crusher, chili metal remove machine, chili seeds remove machine, chili stone remove machine and so on.

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