Professional Chili Processing Machine Manufacture

End Product of Chili Processing

1, Chili Sauce: 

Select ripe fresh red chili
as raw material, cut pedicle , pour into clean water , stirring constantly with
a bamboo pole , wash away dirt adhering mud yarn , picked up the loaded dill
drain, pour electric crusher machine minced , salt pickled. Big red pepper per
100kg add salt 10-15kg, 0.1kg alum mix, into pickle jars, about 10 days can be
edible. Also we can add the pepper, allspice, sesame oil, ginger etc., with its
taste more unique.


2, Chili Oil: 

Choose the red chili pepper fruit as raw material, remove stalks and
seeds , wash and drain water , dried chili peppers and vegetable oil by 1:10 to
take the oil into the pot, heat until the oil smoke while taking the pot from
the fire evacuation , about cool about 3min, will drain the water into the pot
of dried chili , with chopsticks flip to heat evenly. After the oil cooler,
remove peppers, chili oil remaining oil.