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Fruit & Vegetable Steam Blanching Machine


Steam blanching machine is used for pretreatment of meat product, Fruit and Vegetable Processing, Seafood products. Adopt chain belt to feed and get out material.

Blanching machine adopt steam heating or electric heating. easy operation, high output, automatic temperature control, double layer heat insulation material. This machine can be customized according to customer’s requirement.

This blanching machine is made of stainless steel SUS304. The blanching temperature and speed can be set according to different requirement. Vibrable frequency motor, automatic temperature control, with low noise and stable running condition.

Steam blanching machine can be connected to vibrate de-watering machine or cooling machine, it realize the automatic line production.



  • Power:3kw
  • Water Volume:3t/h
  • Water Consumption:0.2t/h
  • Steam Consumption:1.5t/h
  • Output:1000-1500㎏/h
  • Outline Dimension:8300×1260×1300㎜


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