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Garlic Peeler Machine for Sale

garlic peeler machine


  1. The garlic peeler machine is used to remove the garlic hulls for deeper garlic processing. The garlic peeling machine can peel the garlic into kernels and separate the hulls and kernels at dry condition. Compared to wet peeling, dry garlic peeler reduces heavy pollution caused by water. The compressed air drives the machine peel garlic naturally under automatically electrical control. 
  2. The garlic peeler consists of two parts. There is hot blast circulating to make the material dry at feeding trough, even in the humid climate. The air compressor equipped to peel the garlic hulls, as the main driving force with energy saving. 
  3. The garlic peeler is popular at the market, food plants, garlic spice processing industries etc.


Capacity: 100-150 kg/hr
Dimension (mm): (L)700 x (W)880 x (H)1750
Motor Power: 0.3-3 kW
Weight: 110 kg

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