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Ginger Cleaner/Peeler Machine for Sale



  1. Ginger Cleaner Peeler Machine is mainly suitable for washing stem and root vegetables(carrot,potato,ginger,yam, pachyrhizus etc) and fruits.
  2. Ginger Cleaner/Peeler Machine adopts the advanced principle that materials turn inside the rollers. There are 6 to 11 rollers inside the barrel,the rollers made of brushes and grinding wheels.The vegetables tumble rotating in a circle inside the rollers deasile and clockwise.
  3. The rollers of Ginger Cleaner/Peeler Machine are made of ABS95 plastic, so the brushes are easy to be exchanged.The main parts adopt double bearings.The chain and chain wheel are durable.
  4. Ginger Cleaner/Peeler Machine is energy saving,high output,low noise and steady work.

Working Video of Ginger Cleaner/Peeler Machine for Sale

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