Grilling With TITAN Ghost Pepper, the Hottest Thing in Barbeque Seasoning

barbeque season is in full swing and
Ghost peppers are more popular than ever. TITAN Ghost Pepper powder is
taking the market by storm and being sprinkled on burgers, chicken and
so much more!

Bayport, New York (PRWEB) July 22, 2014

Barbeque season is booming and people all across the country are
grilling more than ever now. With all the seasonings to choose from,
more people are turning to TITAN to give their food that extra kick and
flavor it has been lacking. The Ghost peppers that TITAN uses in its
products are the real deal and come from India, the leading grower of
Ghost peppers. These peppers are HOT and have a great tasty and smokey
flavor that is second to none. Whether you are grilling burgers or
barbecuing chicken and steaks, TITAN Ghost pepper powder is perfect for
that backyard weekend party or just for a simple dinner with the family.
This Ghost pepper powder can be used for more than just barbeques. Use
it as a chili powder, add a pinch to pasta sauce, sprinkle on a taco or
anything you want to add INSANE heat to. Like 5 alarm chili, you’ll love
this stuff!

TITAN entered this competitive market and within the last year has
made its mark by gaining popularity and loyal customers. Some “Pepper
heads” as they call themselves, have stated they are switching over to
the TITAN brand and moving away from their usual brand due to the flavor
and heat that is in every jar of our hot pepper powder.

On June 24, 2014, Heath from Columbus, OH said, “I Love the Titan! It
is awesome! I can stand the hottest of the hot and this allows you to
make foods as hot as you want by of course putting on as much as you
want. It’s got a straight up hotness with a perfect bit of smoke

TITAN’s CMO Bill De Pace said the marketing efforts for the company
are paying off. Mr. De Pace went on to say that more people are using
the TITAN brand now more than ever and new flavors will be coming out
soon due to its rising popularity.

Controlling the heat is an advantage to any chef or backyard barbeque master. TITAN allows you to do just that.



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