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How to Make Garlice Powder


The materials:

should select yellow leaves and straw withered when harvest, large head, garlic flesh white , no pests, no mechanical break garlic as raw material , remove small head, garlic flesh pest or mechanical damage of garlic .


Wash the selected garlic with water and then peel and split , and then soak in cold water for 1 hour or so , rub off garlic skin , picked up the garlic split , drain the surplus water .

Beating to puree:

Put the drained garlic split into puree beater, should 1/3 clean water, after beat, with a thick gauze filter, to remove residual skin or other foreign matters.


methods have several kinds:

  1. can be used as squeezing tofu squeeze that fine cloth to remove moisture.
  2. can be used to remove oil press type extrusion moisture.
  3. can use sugar with centrifuge to RPM 12000 turn around, centrifugal separation to remove moisture.

But the total requirement is, should quickly remove moisture at one time, can’t waste time, and in case of garlic paste taste change and influence quality. At the same time, tools used must be immediately wash clean, lest appear unusual smell next time when using.


put the dehydrated wet garlic powder flat on the baking plate immediately, then put the baking plate in drying chamber. Drying chamber should keep a constant temperature in 50 ℃ or so, about five hours, until wet garlic dry to the extent of change into powder when use hands to rub.


crush the dry garlic powder, use fine sieve to screen, to make garlic powder evenly appeared fine flour shape, then become garlic powder products.

Packaging of garlic powder

after passing test, then click on the stipulated proportion to join dry ginger, dried tangerine or orange peel, Chinese prickly ash, DaLiao, osmanthus, cummin, evenly mixed directly into branded, name of commodity, factory name, the site of factory content of the food plastic bags or moistureproof brown paper bag, the strict closure

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