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Picking The Best Garlic For The Job

Dear Lisa: What is the difference between granulated garlic,
garlic powder and California garlic powder? I notice many recipes that
specify these certain types of garlic and wonder if any one could be
substituted for the other. Thanks, L.C.

Dear L.C.: The only difference between granulated garlic and
garlic powder is the size of the particles. While garlic powder is as
the name suggest powdered, granulated garlic has a texture more like

Granulated garlic is often used in seasoning
mixtures such as rubs because if its proportional size, in other words,
its ability to stay mixed in with other spices without sifting to the

You can find granulated garlic at most grocery
stores under brands such as McCormick and Tones. If you need a large
quantity, an economical option is to buy it in the bulk spice section at
the HEB on Texas Avenue.

You can substitute one type of garlic for
another, but not measure for measure. Consider the difference between
granulated sugar and powdered sugar. Because of the increased surface
area, powdered sugar tastes more sweet than granulated.

The same is true with garlic. Garlic powder will
taste more “garlicky” than granulated, so you will use less. Substitute
one half teaspoon garlic powder for 1 teaspoon granulated garlic.

California-style garlic powder is a mixture of
coarse ground garlic and parsley. You can use it in practically any
recipe that calls for garlic. It is popular for combining with butter to
make a spread for garlic bread.