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Popcorn Making Machine


Popcorn has been a delicious snack food,many kinds of popcorn can meet the different needs,from children to old people. And popcorn machine has been selling to many places,such as cinema, park, zoo, school, canteen, KTV, bar supermarket etc. With high quality and low price, you can get your target market share. As professional pot popcorn machine manufacturer, we can provide you with colorful commercial kettle popcorn machine for you to rise your profit. Especially suitable for single pot popcorn flow, easy to use, one person can operate.


Feature of Popcorn Machine


  1. 1.Attractive appearance, good booth effect showing. pop design with easy operating system,can be displayed popcorn process, clean health.
  2. Flexible switch door, so that cleaning and maintenance can become easier and simple.
  3. Electric automatic stirring, automatic heating,easy to operate,safe enough.
  4. Top quality,high efficiency.
  5. Ideals for park,canteen, fast food shop, party, bar, cinema,supermarket, restaurant etc.



  • Item model: Popcorn Machine
  • Voltage :220V Frequency 50Hz
  • Rate power: 1.3KW
  • Dimensions :500x360x670mm
  • Weight:18.5kg
  • Output: 5kg/h
  • Within Temperature(°C): 50-250
  • Waterproofing grade: 1Px3


Benefit of Popcorn

Popcorn is a kind of the popular food, like to eat old and wide prospect of market.Suited to the market, parks, railway stations, schools, theaters, amusement parks, shopping malls, supermarkets and other places processing business, also can be at home with retail processing after bagging.

Popcorn contains the human body to protein, fat, cellulose, can promote children’s brain development, protection, strengthen anti-cancer function, prevention and cure stomach trouble, reduce weight, is also very beneficial in patients with diabetes, is the ideal of children and elderly health food.Is the ideal leisure food, young people at the same time, also get the favour of the masses of teenagers.

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