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Pumpkin Seeds Shelling Line for Sale

pumpkin seeds sheller

Pumpkin seeds shelling and sorting unit  can finish shelling ,peeling and sorting of raw material .The seeds are processed in a continuous circle.Un-hulled seeds can be delivered automatically to the next round.The machine is easy to operate and low energy consumption . The Pumpkin Seeds Cleaning, Grading, Shelling & Separating Equipments is special patent machine for pumpkin seeds shelling. Pumpkin Seeds Shelling Line consists of two units: Cleaning and Grading Unit, Shelling andSeparating Unit.

  1. Cleaning and Grading Unit can clean various impurities mixed in pumpkin seeds or watermelon seeds and then grade the seeds into 7 levels by sizes.
  2. Shelling and Separating Unit can shell each grade of pumpkin/watermelon seeds individually, then remove shells from kernels. Un-hullered seeds will be returned back to dehuller for re-hulling again automatically.

2. Working Process:

raw material – decontaminate-sorting – shelling- drying – finished product storage

3. Component:

The equipment consists of feed-in hopper,bucket elevator,huller,shells collector,un-hulled seeds separator,and electric control cabinet.

4. Specification


Peeling Rate:≥95%
Space Requirement:6.5m×2.9m

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