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  • Farmer swaps sheep flock for niche garlic crop

    Farmer swaps sheep flock for niche garlic crop

    The shift from livestock to a niche crop has proved successful for one Dorset farmer, as Kate Chapman discovers There have been no winter coughs or sneezes in Mark Botwright’s household for the last five years – in fact, no illness at all – and he believes it’s all down to the power of garlic. […]

  • Picking The Best Garlic For The Job

    Picking The Best Garlic For The Job

    Dear Lisa: What is the difference between granulated garlic, garlic powder and California garlic powder? I notice many recipes that specify these certain types of garlic and wonder if any one could be substituted for the other. Thanks, L.C. Dear L.C.: The only difference between granulated garlic and garlic powder is the size of the […]

  • Garlic Powder Packing Machine

    Garlic Powder Packing Machine

    Description Onion Powder Packing Machine is automatically packing many different powder, achieve product packaging assembly line work, greatly improving the company’s production efficiency, the best choice for the powder pack products. Packing Processing: powder measured, automatically take bag, bag coding, automatic bag opening, bag filling, bag sealing Application coffee powder, washing powder, laundry powder, spicy, […]

  • Garlic Power Grinder Machine

    Garlic Power Grinder Machine

    Brief Introduction: Water-cooled device universal grinder (hammer grinder) is made of high quality of 304 stainless steel, with national standards motor, are especially for spices, herbs. Fineness of 10 to 120 mesh, according to the nature of the materials, different water content, powder fineness different. Introduction of water-cooling system Water-cooled device is in the anterior […]