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  • Onion Slice Drying Machine

    Onion Slice Drying Machine

    Onion Slice Drying Machine is for onion slice drying during onion powder production line microwave sterilizing & drying machine is a mulity-pipe tunnel mode,which can be divided into horizontal Model WMG,vertical Model LWMG and track-type Model GWMG etc. It adopts our company’s many patent technologies,such as PLC controlling system,upending and stirring mechanism,and anti-sliding mechanism etc.Over […]

  • Onion Shredding Machine

    Onion Shredding Machine

    Onion Shredding Machine is the new advanced food machinery. All the contact part material is made of stainless steel. The size of end products can be adjusted in wide range, and low breakage rate. This shredding machine can also shred cabbage, onion, green root vegetables, Barley vegetable, mustard, garlic bolt, kelp, soy and other stem […]

  • Automatic Onion Ends Cutter

    Automatic Onion Ends Cutter

    onion ends cutting machine(onion root cutting machine) is special design onion processing equipment Feature of Onion Tail roots cutting machine, onion roots cutter:   This machine is peeling onion, with cutting onion heads and roots.high yield,, no damage This machine is swordless peeling. no damage, to onion surface, look perfect. And other domestic manufacturers adopt […]

  • 300kg/h Onion Peeling Machine

    300kg/h Onion Peeling Machine

    This machine should be equipped with an air compressor. Because of the strong air flow produced by air compressor, the cyclone peels off skin of onions smoothly, with low damage rate. It is suitable for those food processing industries. Specification of Onion Peeling Machine Capacity: 300-500 kg/h Dimension: 730mmX680mmX1420mm Net Weight: 140KG Power of Peeling: 400W […]

  • Onion introduction

    Onion introduction

    Onions are endlessly versatile and an essential ingredient in countless recipes. Native to Asia, these underground bulbs are prized all over the world for the depth and flavour that they add to savoury dishes. Dry onions are fully matured, with juicy flesh and dry, papery skin and have a pungent flavour that becomes wonderfully sweet upon […]