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Brush for Chili Powder Grinder

Brush for Chili Powder Grinder is used inside the sieve, it will brush the sieve from inside, so if the chili powder size can pass the sieve, it is qualified chili powder. The remaining chili powder which can not pass the sieve will be resend to the chili powder grinder again for grinding.

Every two month you can change the brush, it is easy worn parts of chili powder grinder, so we often equipped some brush for customer


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Romiter Group is professional food processing machine supplier from China. Romiter Group is committed to food grindering and milling machine. Romiter can provide various chili processing machine for customer, include chili powder grinder, chilies powder production line, chili stem cutting machine, chili drying machine, chili dry washing machine, chili crusher, chili metal remove machine, chili seeds remove machine, chili stone remove machine and so on.

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