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Full Automatic Chili Processing Machine Manufacture


Chili Cutting Machine

Provide dry chili cutting machine, fresh chili cutting machine for different cutting shape and size


Chili Sauce Machine

Provide fresh chili sauce grinder line for global customer


Chili Stem Cutting Machine

Provide chili stem cutting machine which suitable for different size chili and different capacity requirement


Chili Powder Grinder

Provide crusher type and roller grinder type chili powder grinder and chili powder production line

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Romiter Group is professional food processing machine supplier from China. Romiter Group has been committed to food grindering and milling machine for more than 20 years.

Romiter Group updated chili powder production line technology accoding to their detail requirement and get very good feedback from customer. Nowadays, we can provide the following machine for customer, including chili powder grinder, chili flake grinder, chili stem cutting machine, chili sauce grinder, chili paste production line, chili stone remove machine, chili iron remove machine, chili pepper drying machine, chili dry washing machine and other related milling and grindering machine. Hope to cooperate with customer all around the world.

Hope to cooperate with customer all around the world.


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    What are Difference of Chili Pepper and Jalapeno

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    Popcorn Making Machine

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  • How to Make Garlice Powder

    How to Make Garlice Powder

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FAQ for Chili Processing MachineMore

How to Cut Chili Stem

Romiter Machinery provide chili stem cutting machine for fresh chili or dry chili.  The working principle is simple. It like shaver, the chili stem cutting machine has rotary drum which is full with hole, the chili will rotate in the drum. some stem will get into the drum hole. then the blade will cutting these stem wh ... + Read more

How to Make Chili Sauce

Before choosing chili sauce production line, customer need to confirm what particle size chili sauce you need to make.  According to different particle size require, we will provide different model to meet this requirement. Chili Sauce Making Process as follow: Fresh Chili Washing-Fresh Chili Crusher-Fresh Chili Colloi ... + Read more

How to Order Machine

We usually adopt the following step for cooperation Quote according to customer’s requirement Confirm payment term (T/T ) Get prepayment to start to manufacture machine. Confirm machine quality by customer Make Balance Payment Delivery Engineer is available for oversea installation. We will arrange one engineer and tr ... + Read more

How to Make Chili Powder

For Chili Powder Processing Line, Customer need to confirm the chili powder capacity you want to produce per hour and what size chili powder particle need to produce. Chili Powder Making Process as Follow: Chili Washing-Chili Water Removing-Chili Dryer-Chili Crusher-Chili Powder Grinder-Chili Powder Packing. ... + Read more

What Kinds of Chili Processing Machine do You Supply

Romiter Machinery Provide chili processing machine include chili stem cutting machine, chili washing machine, chili dryer machine, chili powder grinder, chili sauce grinder machine, chili flakes crusher machine, chili roaster, chili seeds removing machine, chili cutting machine, chili sorting machine, chili picking mac ... + Read more

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