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Chili Crusher for Chili Powder Production Line


Chili Crusher will hammer the raw materials into crushed materials. It can also be named as hammer crusher (widely applied to all kinds of materials, like wheat, corn, chili peepers etc. into coarse crushed materials)

Chili Crusher is for crush the chili into chili particle, then the chili particle will be send to the chili powder grinder machine for the following chili powder production.

High output, fast hammering speed, good and stable performance

Main Technical Parameters:

Crusher Motor: 15kw; Voltage: 380v/50Hz

Dust Collector Motor: 0.37KW

Output: 700-1000 kg per hour

Machine Weight: 220 kg

Crusher Size: 1100*730*920m

Maintenance: add grease every 6 months,

Installation& Operations:

Fix the crusher and motor on the base plate, and then connect the motor and the power to test the turning direction of the motor.


Model & Items Quantity
Base plate 1
Belt 1
Motor 1
Main crusher 1

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