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Chili Grinder Roller Teeth Drawing Machine


Chili Grinder Roller Teeth Drawing Machine is an auxiliary equipment for the flour/powder mills. It is mainly used to make the roller as teeth shape, so the chili grinder roller can be used for more times. This machine adopts hydraulic transmission, which is stable running, simple structure and easy operation.

Specification of Roller Teeth Drawing Machine

1 Height of center 12.5mm
2 Max. diameter of roller application 240mm
3 Min. diameter of roller application 160mm
4 Roller Length 400mm
5 Max. stroke of the workbench 550mm
6 Scope of teeth line can be drawn 225-900lins
11 Outline Dimension 400*740*1110mm
12 Total Weight 820Kg
13 Oil Container Volume 35kg


Company Profile

Romiter Group is professional food processing machine supplier from China. Romiter Group is committed to food grindering and milling machine. Romiter can provide various chili processing machine for customer, include chili powder grinder, chilies powder production line, chili stem cutting machine, chili drying machine, chili dry washing machine, chili crusher, chili metal remove machine, chili seeds remove machine, chili stone remove machine and so on.

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