Professional Chili Processing Machine Manufacture

India Customer Visit Chili Powder Production Line

Customer from india visit our chili powder grind factory and visit working grind. India customer are satisfied with our working plant and grinder machine. Show their idea with us.

Chili powder has a very big market in India. Also , in India, there is no such machine. They think our chili powder machine will have a very big market in India. Finally, they agree to allow romiter customer visit their plant, when we complete the installation in India.

Chili Flakes Making Machine

Customer is visiting chili flakes production line


India customer visit working chili powder grinding plant


India Customer discuss detail requirement for chili powder, Turmeric Powder, Coriander seed Powder

Chili Flakes Making Machine

India customer visit one spice and herbs ( chili powder) manufacture factory


India customer is visiting chili powder microwave sterilization lab

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