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Mango Orange Fruit Pulper


The machine is used to pulping and seperating for kinds of fruits and vegetables, such as tomato, kiwi fruit, apple, strawberry, hawthorn, orange, dates, grape,mulberry, precooked softening hawthorn, dates and other fruits and vegetables. Can complete peeling, pulping and seperating cornel, seeds in one machine. Can also squeezing juice from cutted green vegetables, celery, seperating vegetables ribs. It is the ideal products for making jam, fruits and vegetable juice.



Features of fruit pitting and pulp machine

1.The machine is multifunctional, can complete peeling, pulping, seeds removing and slag discharging in one machine

2.Made by full stainless steel

3.Made of superior quality stainless steel, approval of the national hygienic standards, safe and healthy.

4.Full automatic, saving energy and labour

5.The rotating speed is slow, can keep orginal nutrition in fruits and vegetables

6.Pulping thickness can be adjusted as your requires

7.It is practical, convenient to clean and repair


Specification of Mango Orange Pulper

No. Type Power(kw) Capacity(t/h) Size(mm)
1 RMP-DJ0.12 1.5 0.12 820*450*950
2 RMP-DJ0.24 3 0.24 820*1000*1350
3 RMP-DJ2.5 4 2.5 1350*770*1500
4 RMP-DJ3.5 5.5 3.5 1550*770*1530
5 RMP-DJ4.0 7.5 4 1370*1370*1800

Delivery of Mango orange fruit pulper

1>export wooden packing
2>one 20ft container can hold 16 sets for smaller model
3>one 40ft container can hold 35 sets for smaller model

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