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Stainless Steel Single Drum Nuts and Seeds Roast Machine



  1. This Stainless Steel Made Nuts and Seeds Roast Machine is used to roast the seed before peeling the red skin. After roasting the peeling rate is high, the broken rate is under 5%.
  2. Stainless Steel Made Nuts and Seeds Roast Machine uses gas or electricity as fuel, uses the new type heat pipe as heat-conducting medium.
  3. Taking advantage of the cycling of hot air in the pipe, the roster cans exposure the heat energy to the baked object.
  4. Stainless Steel Made Nuts and Seeds Roast Machine is one of our roaster machine,
    it's have many types, easy operate, high capacity and competitive price.
    used to roast bean product like peanut, almond, soybean, and so on.
  5. Stainless Steel Made Nuts and Seeds Roast Machine is made of metal and it is a single-body roaster. It has a simple
    structure and it is very easy to operate. This machine uses the
    cycloidal reducer as power, and the chains drive the turning cage to
    roast the materials.


  1. Leisure food: sunflower seeds, peanut, cashews, almonds, chestnuts, walnuts,coffee bean
  2. Oil making: sesame, rapeseeds, soybean
  3. Tea processing: deactivation of enzymes, drying
  4. Pharmacy: herb processing
  5. Condiment process: roasting of chili, pepper, anise, cumin
  6. Chemical industry: chemical raw material drying and heating
  7. Tobacco processing: tobacco roasting and drying
  8. Feed stuff: raw material roasting
  9. Grain processing: roasting corn, sorghum, rice, barley, wheat

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